All About The Lucky Bamboo Plant

All About Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo Facts

Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena Sanderiana) are feng shui plant, popular especially in the Chinese culture. These beautiful plants are easy to care for, and make great gifts, especially to the Chinese during festivals.

These bamboo house plants originate from the tropical region in Africa and Asia, and belong to the Dracaena genus. The plant can grow up to 2m and features long, straight and hard bamboo-like stem.  Their leaves are long and sharp, and are often green with gradient of yellow or white. These leaves can grow up to 20cm in length and 3cm in width.

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Lucky Bamboo plant grows easily from Shoots. One of the easiest way to start growing your own lucky plant is to ask for one of the shoots from your friends or relatives who already own one.

If not, you can buy Lucky Bamboo plant conveniently through online marketplace such as Amazon. Commercially sold Bamboo come with different design and packaging. Check out our Buyer Guide for our reviews on some of the common variants.

Lucky Bamboo Care

Lucky Bamboo are hardy plant, and can survive easily with minimal care. If you are buying these plants to keep them around only during the festive period, you can ignore the plants most of the time and still have them surviving pretty well after a few weeks.

A thriving and lasting bamboo plant will however requires more efforts and care. A healthy bamboo can in fact, live more than 10 years, and may even bear flowers. Check out our guides and FAQs for tips towards a healthy and thriving bamboo plant.

Lucky Bamboo Plant as Feng Shui

Lucky Bamboo are popular feng shui plant. In traditional Feng Shui, they can be placed in certain feng shui positions within the household to benefit the household occupants. Check out our guides to find out how you can make use of your indoor bamboo plant to improve the Feng Shui of your household.

4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo on Pebbles

Five reasons to own a Lucky Bamboo Plant

Still undecided if you should start owning a Lucky Bamboo plant? Here are 5 reasons why you should start getting yourself one of these exquisite plants.

1. Lucky bamboo Plants are inexpensive and require little effort to maintain. These lucky plant thrives indoor and requires only little sunliLucky Bamboo Plant on Office Deskght. They can survive through in low temperature although they tend to thrive at 20 to 28 degree Celsius.

The plant does not requires a lot of space and can be easily kept on study table or cubicle desk. The plant can also be trimmed down to your desired size if it grown out of your preferred size.

2. The plant has an auspicious name and is seen as an auspicious symbol in the Chinese culture. Many Chinese families placed this plant in their home during Chinese New Year period to amplify festive ambiance.

It is also common for red ribbons or other auspicious accessories to be tied around the lucky bamboo plant to enhance the Chinese New Year atmosphere. Many numerous aesthetic variants have also been created commercially.

3. As part of the Dracaena plant family, Lucky Bamboo are beautiful plants. It stays green throughout the seasons and adds a pleasing shade of greenery to your home. Sometime, several bamboos are combined and crafted into an exquisite tower shape structure, known as Lucky Bamboo Tower. This bonsai sized tower is the most popular commercial sold variant.

These easy to maintain plants are elegant and visually pleasing. Placing one of these plants around helps to beautify your home, desk or even cubicle.

4. Lucky bamboo are a popular plant used in feng shui. In feng shui, these lucky plants are said to aid progression in the owner career or study when placed in the right position (文昌位 which roughly translates to “scholar propser” position. They are also commonly placed in confined end or corner of the home, such as top of refrigerator and staircase to dispel stale qi (energy flow) within the house.

In feng shui, greenery at home is also said to greatly encouraged to improve relationship within the family and harmony between couple.Water Grown Lucky Bamboo Plant

5. Similar to other household plants, Lucky bamboo features numerous big sharp leaves which helps in purifying and oxygenating air in the home. The Dracaena plant family are especially recognized for its air-cleaning and pollutant removing characteristic.

Check out our Buyer Guide next to get yourself a beautiful Lucky Bamboo plant!