About Us

Lucky Bamboo are traditional lucky plants, popular especially among the Chinese culture. These evergreen house plants are easy to maintain, add a shade of greenery in your house, and is one of the most popular house plant, especially among the Chinese families. Find out more on why you should considered getting a Lucky Bamboo plant in your home.

We created this website to share our hobbies and love in this beautiful plant. We also aim to help people who are either interested in buying a Lucky Bamboo, or having problems in maintaining their plants. We will also share the traditional Feng Shui perspective on this lucky plant, such as the number of stalks and the placement of the plants.

Information and tips in this website are gathered from avid Lucky Bamboo fans from China, which includes a full-time Lucky Bamboo farmer in JiangXi, China.

If you have any tips or personal experience on Lucky Bamboo that you want to share, contact us using this contact form or e-mail us at admin@theluckybamboo.com.