How many Chinese Bamboo Plant should I get?

Number of Stalks for Chinese Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana) are often bought for Feng Shui or Auspicious reasons. 1 common Feng Shui question we always get is how many stalks of these Chinese Bamboo Plant should one kept? Read on to find out.

Do the Number of Bamboos Matters?

The short answer is that for most of the time, the so called “symbolism of the number of lucky bamboo” are made up by commercial sellers to make these Chinese Bamboo plants sound more auspicious. There is no hard and fast rule on how many Bamboo should one keep, so long the plant can thrive and grow well. Even in Feng Shui, it is only said that certain numbers are more meaningful under certain circumstances, and can help with the survival or the plant or the fortune of the owner.

Do note that a withering plant always symbolize negativity in the household, and should be avoid as far as possible. Always prioritize the well being of your plant over the number of bamboo. Check out our Care Section to learn more on Lucky Bamboo’s care!

Soil-Grown Chinese Bamboo PlantSoil Grown Chinese Bamboo Plant

For earth grown bamboo, it is best to keep your bamboo’s numbers to 2 or 5.

In Feng Shui, 2 is the number for the fire element, and fire give birth to earth. Fire also symbolizes vigor, which helps to improve business when the plant is placed in shop or office.

5 represents the element of earth in Feng Shui, and is most suitable for soil grown lucky bamboo. Earth also symbolizes expansion, which helps the owner in expanding his business or progressing his career.

Water-Grown Chinese Bamboo Plant

For water grown lucky bamboo, it is best to keep your bamboo’s to 1 or 4.

1 represents the element of water in Feng Shui, and is most suitable for water grown lucky bamboo. Water also symbolizes fortune, which helps the owner in attracting wealth.

4 is the number for element of Gold and Gold give birth to Water in Feng Shui. 4 is also the number for Wen Chang (文昌 which roughly translate to “scholar prosper”).

Beautiful Chinese Bamboo Plant

Chinese Bamboo Plant on Wen Chang position

The Wen Chang position exists in every household, and is the best place in the household to place your study. In Feng Shui, this position helps the owner in studying, writing and planning.

It is always ideal to place 4 stalks for your Chinese Bamboo Plant in this position, as 4 is the number for Wen Chang. If you are planning to place earth grown lucky bamboo in the Wen Chang position, one useful tip is to place 4 longer lucky bamboo along with 1 shorter lucky bamboo to be consistent with the element earth and the Wen Chang position.

Chinese Bamboo Plant on Study Table

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