DIY Fence Shaped Lucky Bamboo Plant

It is common to find commercial Lucky Bamboo Plant being weaved into neat and tidy looking fences for sales. These fence shaped bamboo structure are highly aesthetic and are very popular especially among Chinese household. While these bamboo fence may seem complex to make at first glance, you can made your own  bamboo fence with just these 7 simple steps.


7 Simple Steps for a Fence Shaped Lucky Bamboo Plant

1) First, prepare 20 grown Lucky Bamboos and remove their root. Cut their stem until they are of identical height. After cutting, the bamboos should be at least a meter tall (40 inches).

2) Next, remove all of the bamboo leaves, leaving only the top few leaves on each bamboo. Dry the bamboo using a cloth, and air them for a few hours.


3) After the bamboos are dry, take half (10 of them) and place them down side by side in a slightly diagonal position, as per the diagram below.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Steps

4) Take the remaining half (10 bamboos) and place them diagonally (in an opposite direction) over the bamboo in step 3. There should be multiple intersection points among the bamboos.

5) Tie the bamboos firmly together at their intersection points. For auspicious purposes, use red colored material for the tying. One simple way is to cut up a piece of red cloth into 2x15cm strips for tying.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Steps

6) After the bamboos are firmly tied together, take both end of the bamboo fence and tie them together. You should have a bamboo fence in a neat ring shape.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Steps

7) Fill a container with soil and place the bamboo fence into the container. The container should be at least 40cm (15 inches) wide in diameters so as to allow sufficient nutrient for all of the bamboo. You may refer to our care guide for soil grown lucky bamboo plant for more care tips. If you find making your own bamboo a hassle, simply consult our buyer guide to buy one!