Where to place your Good Luck Plants?

Good Luck Plants

When deciding where to place your Lucky bamboo,  your should first consider the environmental condition. While these good luck plants grow easily in general, they thrive best in certain environment, check out our Care section to find out more!

Feng Shui Spots

If you are a believer in Feng Shui, you should consider placing your plant in a few specific Feng Shui spots to maximize the auspicious effect of your bamboo. Read on to find out more on these Feng Shui spots for your Lucky Bamboo!

Wen Chang Position

(文昌位 or the “prosper scholar” position)

The best place to place your lucky bamboo plant indoor is always the Wen Chang position. In every household, this position is the ideal place to locate your study, as the position is greatly associate with school and career. Follow the guide here to locate the Wen Chang position in your household.Lucky Bamboo Wen Chang Good Luck Plant

In feng shui, besides locating your study in the Wen Chang position, it is always advisable to place a Wen Chang pagoda, brush stand or a pot of lucky bamboo to aid career progression or examination.

Nine Purple Position


In feng shui, the Nine Purple Position is the prosperous position that helps that create joy within the household. This position help to harmonize marriage, improve family relations and bring new members to the family (new born or marriage).Lucky Bamboo Nine Purple Jubilant Position Good Luck Plant

To boast the strength of this position, it is always advisable to place feng shui ornament or good luck plant (including lucky bamboo) in this position.

The Nine Purple Position, however, changes every lunar year and one may have to adjust the placement of his/her lucky bamboo every time the position change. For instance, the Nine Purple Jubilant position for lunar year 2016 is located in the east side of the house.

Other Popular Positions for Good Luck Plants

If you find it difficult to determine the exact Wen Chang or Nine Purple positions in your household, there are other popular positions where you can place your Bamboo plants indoor.

1. Both left side and right side of Main Door. Placing lucky bamboo at both side of the main door improves general fortune for the family. If the lucky bamboo is not placed on top of other furniture, it should be grow to at least certain height (at least 1m).

2. Confined area such as top of fridge, toilet and staircase. The qi (energy flow) in these areas are often stale, placing good luck plants in these area help in movement and flow of qi.

3. Office Cubicle. Placing green plants in office cubicle helps in improving relationship with co-workers. In addition, lucky bamboo helps in career progression when placed on study or working table.

Lucky Bamboo on Office Table Good Luck PlantGood Luck Plant on Office Lucky Bamboo

Position to Avoid

Avoid placing your lucky bamboo in the Cai Position (财位or Finance Position) of the household. In feng shui, the owner should always avoid placing plants with long sharp leave in the Cai Position as this will deteriorate the financial position of the family.

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