Lucky Bamboo Plant Care for Soil-Grown

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care Bamboo House Plant

Soil grown Lucky Bamboo require more effort to maintain, but in general, they tend to grow better and last longer than those grown in water. Soil grown bamboo can grow as tall as 2m, and some may even bear flowers. Such size are rare for water bamboo.Lucky Bamboo Plant Care Farm Bamboo House Plant

Tips for Soil-Grown Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

While Lucky Bamboo can grow well in water, these Bamboo House Plant thrive best when they are grown in soil. In fact, most of the commercial Lucky Bamboo are grown in soil. They are only removed and placed in a water medium when they are ready for sale. For a thriving and lasting Lucky Bamboo plant, simply remove  your bamboo from water (after the roots have grown) and plant them in soil. Below are some useful tips on Soil-Grown Lucky Bamboo Plant Care.

Place your Bamboo House Plant in a ventilated area and with partial shade

Lucky Bamboo do not grow well under strong direct sunlight as this can cause their leaves to turn yellow easily. The only exception is sunlight before 10am and after 4pm, due to the relatively weak sunlight during these timings.

As a good practice in Lucky Bamboo plant care, always place your bamboo plant in well-ventilated area. This prevent the leaves from turning yellowing and the stem from withering.

Plant your bamboo at least 8cm apart from one another

This is to ensure that each bamboo plant will receive enough soil nutrient and have sufficient space for their roots to develop.

If you intend to grow your plant in a container, avoid overcrowding your container with too many plants. A general rule of thumb is a minimally 8cm diameter container for one bamboo, and quadruple the number of bamboo for every additional 8cm diameter thereafter.

8cm apart Lucky Bamboo Plant Care Bamboo House PlantPotted Lucky Bamboo Plant Care Bamboo House Plant

Fertilize the soil regularly

Lucky Bamboo can grow in most soil, including peat, loam or garden soils. These bamboo house plant however grow best, when given fertilizer regularly, especially those that are slightly acidic.

A good practice in Lucky Bamboo Plant Care is to to fertilize the soil once every two week to ensure continuous supply of nutrient to the plant. You may also use Plant Nutrient Solution in place of natural fertilizer.

Keeping the soil slightly moist at all timeGrowing Lucky Bamboo Plant Care Bamboo House Plant

This is the part where soil grown Bamboo requires more effort than those water grown. Soil loses its moisture easily especially during hot and dry weather, and thus requires regularly watering. A general rule of thumb is to water your plant once every 2 days to ensure continuous supply of water for your lucky bamboo.

Avoid giving too much water at any one time when watering, as this may wash away the required nutrient in the soils.

Keeping the temperature up during winter

While Lucky Bamboo can survive in low temperature, there is some chance for the plant to wither if temperature falls below 5 degree celcius for prolonged period of time. This can pose a problem for outdoor soil grown lucky bamboo, especially during winter.

In fact, Lucky Bamboo will stop growing when temperature falls below 10 degree celcius, and only grew well when temperature is 20 to 30 degree celcius.

One tip to overcome low temperature during winter is to place and light up a small filament bulb (25 to 60 watts) near the bamboo to increase the surrounding temperature near the bamboo. Another straight forward way is to place your Bamboo house plant indoor.

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